Teacher Circle

Never miss an opportunity to support and recognize teachers and school staff.  We make it simple to build on staff happiness and wellness initiatives.

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Teacher Circle is a text messaging platform created to help school districts support, reward and recognize teachers and school staff members.

Teachers & School Staff

The Voice of Superintendents

Teacher Circle has revolutionized our happiness initiatives, complementing our current programs and allowing us to measure how they’re positively impacting our team.

We have made mental health, teacher burnout and happiness for staff a priority, and now we have taken the additional step of using Teacher Circle, a digital platform that collects anonymous happiness scores via text.

We have received constructive feedback on improvements that can be made in the day-to-day functions of each school building, and now have real data to help guide decisions and how they affect staff and, by extension, students.

Every teacher benefit in one place.

Over 80% of teachers and school staff do not know the full benefits provided to them.

Teacher Circle addresses this issue by proactively sharing the specific benefit provided by your school system that would be most beneficial to the teacher or staff member.  All of this is done instantly through text messaging.

Happy Teachers, Happy Students

Teacher Circle

Helping schools build on their culture, positivity and staff happiness initiatives.